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Web Site: www.professionalwritingservices.com
Available Remotely Out of State or Onsite in Florida


  • 15 years of experience working in information technology, including software development and quantitative analytics, medical and automotive manufacturing, electrical, mechanical, and chemical engineering
  • 15 years of technical writing and analysis experience at various large corporations 
  • 7 years of experience working remotely on projects and accessing corporate systems in a Citrix environment while speaking with clients on the phone and through email 
  • Extensive knowledge of MS Office 2010-365, MS Windows XP, 7, 8, and 10, Visio 2003-365, MS FrontPage 2002, MS Expression Web
  • MS Outlook 2010-365, MS Lync, Lotus Notes, Lotus Sametime, PVCS, MS SharePoint
  • Adobe Dreamweaver, Photoshop, FrameMaker, InDesign CS3, Captivate 9, SNAGIT 12.0 and Camtasia Studio 5.1
  • Online Help systems experience with RoboHELP x5 and HTML x3 
  • Video conferencing with Skype and WebEx to work on projects remotely in the
  • United States and in Europe
  • Microsoft Certified SharePoint Collection Administrator (SCA) for corporate website

TECHNICAL WRITER – 1998 to Present 

Professional Writing Services, Sole Proprietor Work Performed:

  • Designing of websites, blogs, and technical documentation
  • Customers include large corporations and small businesses
  • Website with writing samples: www.professionalwritingservices.com
  • Building, creating content, and updating websites with the use of HTML, MS Office 2010-365, Google websites, Google Docs and Dreamweaver 
  • Networking to build customer base both online at business networking events
  • Providing social media consultations to small business owners
  • Facilitating training modules on social media to meet customer needs
  • Scheduling, sponsoring, hosting and organizing business events
  • Administering marketing phone calls and emails to potential clients
  • Estimating the cost of projects and providing estimates to customers
  • Invoicing customers for payment on services rendered
  • Video conferencing with Skype and WebEx to work on projects remotely in the United States and in Europe

Clients: Lear Corporation, SKF Corporation, WellCare, Inc., Chico’s FAS, Peer1 Hosting, B&G Risk Strategies, Inc., PlateSmart, Inc., Stephenson Ceramic Tile, Dobson & Bennett IT Consulting, Genesis Healing Center, Paradise Wellness & Event Center, CREW Clean Renewable Energy Worldwide, Naples Small Business Networking Group, ACI Worldwide, Inc., MaidPro of SW Florida, John R. Wood Realtors, Dolphin Global Technology Solutions, and Southwest Florida Astronomical Society, Inc., and First Mortgage Company, Inc.

Consultant Work Performed:

Quantitative Analytics Documentation

  • Creating and revising model development documentation for quantitative analysts
  • Designing corporate websites to enhance employee training
  • Maintaining model inventory and updating software model databases
  • Managing and organizing information critical to the development and implementation of credit models across five lines of business
  • Maintaining a SharePoint site as a certified Site Collection Administrator

Information Technology Documentation

  • Designed templates and created module specifications with the use of MS Office 2007-2013, MS Visio 2003-2013, Adobe Acrobat XI Pro and SNAGIT 12.0
  • Created system manager user guides, new release, installation, training and administration guides with MS Office XP and RoboHelp HTML x5
  • Authored and assembled content for quantitative analytics, including model development, implementation and use, validation activities, governance, and controls over the model risk management process
  • Created and revised existing documentation for the software development cycle, including software development plans, user and functional specifications, design documents, test plans and software requirement specifications
  • Revised standard operating procedures utilizing Crystal Reports
  • Edited and developed IT training videos for DOORS with SNAGIT 8.0 and Camtasia Studio 5
  • Maintained and provided access to SharePoint corporate website as certified Microsoft SharePoint Site Collection Administrator (SCA)

Engineering Documentation

  • Created a manual for the GMT800 PODS program to test passenger side airbag deployment in GM SUVs and Trucks with MS Office and MS Visio 2000-2013
  • Developed an AutoTEST user manual with MS Office and Visio Technical software to enable engineers to test the calibration of engines
  • Revised work instructions and cut sheets with MS Word, Photoshop CS3 and drawings with Auto CAD
  • Created end user manuals for new products with FrameMaker, InDesign, and Photoshop CS3
  • Created an on-line help system in RoboHELP Office 2000 for AutoTEST
  • Created end user, installation and service documentation for the Visteon TACNET security system with the use of MS Office XP, Adobe Acrobat 6.0 and SNAGIT
  • Created User, Functional and Software Requirements Specifications for various products including radios, engines, phone systems, navigation equipment, and kidney dialysis machines
  • Created traceability matrixes, release notes, issue lists, software validation and risk management documentation

Database Documentation

  • Updated content for database processes with the use of MS Office 2010-2013, iGrafx FlowCharter 2003 and MS Visio 2010-2013
  • Designed templates and created application process documentation for the MAPD and PD system and Oracle database processes with MS Visio and MS Office 2010-2013

Payment Credit Card Industry (PCI) and Sarbanes-Oxley (S-Ox)

  • Updated PCI (Payment Credit Card Industry) books on four software applications to prepare for a PCI audit with the use of MS Visio and MS Office 2010-2013
  • Assisted in preparing to meet requirements for the FDA and Sarbanes-Oxley
  • Formatted procedures for Oracle, DB2, SQL Server and PeopleSoft databases to meet the requirements for Sarbanes-Oxley

Directory Structure Management

  • Organized directory structures and archived documentation in SharePoint, PVCS, and ClearCase and verified paths to documents 

Corporate Web Site Design

  • Reengineered ADS department intranet web pages utilizing MS FrontPage 
  • Webmaster for the Audio portion of the Multimedia Web Site using HotMetal HTML Pro 3.0 for the web site 
  • Updated processes and technologies for web sites utilizing Dreamweaver 8.0

Technology Research

  • Researched web application interaction with the JAVA 1.4 and COBOL programming languages, Web Methods, DB2 database, and WebSphere to provide methodical subject matter for the material
  • Researched the web-based Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC) software product, Windchill, Version 7.0 
  • Interviewed SMEs and observed systems to create user, functional and software requirement specification documentation
  • Reviewed functional specifications and researched products for a variety of IT and Engineering systems to create effective end user documentation

Collaboration and Analysis

  • Collaborated with teams of technical writers and supervisors to standardize processes and meet project goals 
  • Interviewed SMEs to verify documentation content to produce clear and efficient documentation for appropriate audiences 
  • Functioned closely with project and quality managers to meet deadlines for software releases and insure quality of documentation 

Employers: Ford Motor Company, Visteon Corporation, Key Bank Corporation, Steris Corporation, The Walt Disney World Company, PSCU Financial Services, Inc., Baxter Healthcare, CSX Corporation, Wells Fargo Corporation


Work Performed:

  • Processed verifications of employment and transactions in an Excel database 
  • Updated matrixes with Excel 7.0 and prepared performance reviews 
  • Captured information at corporate meetings with a laptop PC in MS Word 7.0 
  • Assisted in the process of preparing forecast data for plant budget requirements 
  • Compiled forecast/actual overtime reports with a macro in MS Excel 7.0

Employers: Ford Motor Company


Madonna University, Livonia, Michigan

Bachelor’s degree in Professional and Technical Writing 

Associates degree in English/Journalism 


Award of Excellence from Madonna University for writing a report on product development focusing on I-DEAS software from SDRC with the use of Microsoft Office 97 and the Internet.

For a PDF file of this resume, please click below.

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