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Web Site: www.professionalwritingservices.com
Available Remotely Out of State or Onsite in Florida


  • 15 years of experience working in information technology, including software development and quantitative analytics, medical and automotive manufacturing, electrical, mechanical, and chemical engineering
  • 15 years of technical writing and analysis experience at various large corporations 
  • 7 years of experience working remotely on projects and accessing corporate systems in a Citrix environment while speaking with clients on the phone and through email to complete work utilizing a library of software technology books and documentation 
  • Extensive knowledge of MS Office 2010-365, MS Windows XP, 7 and 8, Visio 2003-365, FrontPage 2002 and MS Expression Web
  • MS Outlook 2010-365, Lotus Notes, Lotus Sametime, PVCS, SharePoint and ClearCase, TechSmith SNAGIT 12.0 and Camtasia Studio 5.1
  • Adobe Dreamweaver, Photoshop, FrameMaker and InDesign CS3
  • Online Help systems experience with RoboHELP x5 and HTML x3 
  • Video conferencing with Skype and WebEx to work on projects remotely in the United States and in Europe

TECHNICAL WRITER – 1998 to Present 

Professional Writing Services, Sole Proprietor Work Performed:

  • Designing of websites, blogs, and technical documentation
  • Customers include large corporations and small businesses
  • Website with writing samples: www.professionalwritingservices.com
  • Building, creating content, and updating websites with the use of HTML, MS Office 2010-365, Google websites, Google Docs and Dreamweaver 
  • Networking to build customer base both online at business networking events
  • Providing social media consultations to small business owners
  • Facilitating training modules on social media to meet customer needs
  • Scheduling, sponsoring, hosting and organizing business events
  • Administering marketing phone calls and emails to potential clients
  • Estimating the cost of projects and providing estimates to customers
  • Invoicing customers for payment on services rendered
  • Video conferencing with Skype and WebEx to work on projects remotely in the United States and in Europe

Clients: Lear Corporation, SKF Corporation, WellCare, Inc., Chico’s FAS, Peer1 Hosting, CSX Corporation, B&G Risk Strategies, Inc., PlateSmart, Inc., LGI Simulations, Dr. Kyle Nevius DC, Discovering Your Way, Dr. Iris Ramirez DVM, Stephenson Ceramic Tile, Dobson & Bennett IT Consulting, SWFL Investor, Naples Small Business Networking Group, ACI Worldwide, Inc., MaidPro of SW Florida, John R. Wood Realtors, Dolphin Global Technology Solutions

Consultant Work Performed:

Information Technology Documentation

  • Designed templates and created module specifications with the use of MS Office 2007-2013, MS Visio 2003-2013, Adobe Acrobat XI Pro and SNAGIT 12.0
  • Created system manager user guides, new release, installation, training and administration guides with MS Office XP and RoboHelp HTML x5
  • Authored and assembled content for quantitative analytics, including model development, implementation and use, validation activities, governance, and controls over the model risk management process
  • Created and revised existing documentation for the software development cycle, including software development plans, user and functional specifications, design documents, test plans and software requirement specifications
  • Revised standard operating procedures utilizing Crystal Reports
  • Edited and developed IT training videos for DOORS with SNAGIT 8.0 and Camtasia Studio 5

Engineering Documentation

  • Created a manual for the GMT800 PODS program to test passenger side airbag deployment in GM SUVs and Trucks with MS Office and MS Visio 2000-2013
  • Developed an AutoTEST user manual with MS Office and Visio Technical software to enable engineers to test the calibration of engines
  • Revised work instructions and cut sheets with MS Word, Photoshop CS3 and drawings with Auto CAD
  • Created end user manuals for new products with FrameMaker, InDesign, and Photoshop CS3
  • Created an on-line help system in RoboHELP Office 2000 for AutoTEST
  • Created end user, installation and service documentation for the Visteon TACNET security system with the use of MS Office XP, Adobe Acrobat 6.0 and SNAGIT
  • Created User, Functional and Software Requirements Specifications for various products including radios, engines, phone systems, navigation equipment, and kidney dialysis machines
  • Created traceability matrixes, release notes, issue lists, software validation and risk management documentation

Database Documentation

  • Updated content for database processes with the use of MS Office 2010-2013, iGrafx FlowCharter 2003 and MS Visio 2010-2013
  • Designed templates and created application process documentation for the MAPD and PD system and Oracle database processes with MS Visio and MS Office 2010-2013

Payment Credit Card Industry (PCI) and Sarbanes-Oxley (S-Ox)

  • Updated PCI (Payment Credit Card Industry) books on four software applications to prepare for a PCI audit with the use of MS Visio and MS Office 2010-2013
  • Assisted in preparing to meet requirements for the FDA and Sarbanes-Oxley
  • Formatted procedures for Oracle, DB2, SQL Server and PeopleSoft databases to meet the requirements for Sarbanes-Oxley

Directory Structure Management

  • Organized directory structures and archived documentation in SharePoint, PVCS, and ClearCase and verified paths to documents 

Corporate Web Site Design

  • Reengineered ADS department intranet web pages utilizing MS FrontPage 
  • Webmaster for the Audio portion of the Multimedia Web Site using HotMetal HTML Pro 3.0 for the web site 
  • Updated processes and technologies for web sites utilizing Dreamweaver 8.0

Technology Research

  • Researched web application interaction with the JAVA 1.4 and COBOL programming languages, Web Methods, DB2 database, and WebSphere to provide methodical subject matter for the material
  • Researched the web-based Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC) software product, Windchill, Version 7.0 
  • Interviewed SMEs and observed systems to create user, functional and software requirement specification documentation
  • Reviewed functional specifications and researched products for a variety of IT and Engineering systems to create effective end user documentation

Collaboration and Analysis

  • Collaborated with teams of technical writers and supervisors to standardize processes and meet project goals 
  • Interviewed SMEs to verify documentation content to produce clear and efficient documentation for appropriate audiences 
  • Functioned closely with project and quality managers to meet deadlines for software releases and insure quality of documentation 

Employers: Ford Motor Company, Visteon Corporation, Key Bank Corporation, Steris Corporation, The Walt Disney World Company, PSCU Financial Services, Inc., Baxter Healthcare, CSX Corporation, Wells Fargo Corporation


Work Performed:

  • Processed verifications of employment and transactions in an Excel database 
  • Updated matrixes with Excel 7.0 and prepared performance reviews 
  • Captured information at corporate meetings with a laptop PC in MS Word 7.0 
  • Assisted in the process of preparing forecast data for plant budget requirements 
  • Compiled forecast/actual overtime reports with a macro in MS Excel 7.0

Employers: Ford Motor Company


Madonna University, Livonia, Michigan

Bachelor’s degree in Professional and Technical Writing 

Associates degree in English/Journalism 


Award of Excellence from Madonna University for writing a report on product development focusing on I-DEAS software from SDRC with the use of Microsoft Office 97 and the Internet.

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