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Virtual Social Media Consultant 

Do you need a professional profile for yourself and a business page for your company setup and maintained on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram? How about your profiles on Twitter and LinkedIn? Are your responses to your discussion group forums on LinkedIn and tweets on Twitter lacking in a timely or worthwhile response? Do you need someone to assist you in writing content for your website or customer websites, job descriptions, social media profiles, blogs, articles and press releases for your company? Or are you a job seeker in need of a better resume and some advice on how to use social media to get a job?

If you need to start using social media for your business or you have been using it, but you are not sure how to build the relationships you need to succeed or you have run out of time in your schedule to do it, please call us at 407.738.8445. Becky Brooks will be happy to speak to you about her services and how she will work with your social media sites from her home office as your Virtual Social Media Consultant. If you would like to receive a FREE 15 Minute Social Media Consultation from Becky, please fill out our Customer Service form.

Becky is also available for private consultations and classes both online and in-person for individuals as well as for companies.

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