"Ms. Brooks was responsible for researching and administering the display functions of a new software release of DOORS. Becky was able to catch and correct many errors and omissions to our training documentation."

Dan Hopping, Senior Engineering Specialist, Baxter Healthcare

"Becky was able to perform her duties effectively. She completed all the tasks we gave her on time and with high quality. Her technical writing skills were exactly what we needed during a very time sensitive project.” 

Craig Forant, Senior Engineer, Baxter Healthcare

“Becky fully engages in her assignments and brings enthusiasm and sense of urgency to her work. She collaborates well to understand her client's goals of the work and applies her experience well in carrying out her assignment. Becky is very detail-oriented and knows how to effectively utilize software to build and design a professional web site.”

Glenn Totino, Partner at B&G Risk Strategies LLC 

“I gave Becky the task of writing, designing and building my website. She did an excellent job, was very creative and the web-site was up and running in a matter of days. I continue to rely on Becky's knowledge of marketing tools and strategies to keep my web-site up to date. I continue to recommend Becky to my network of small business owners.Visit my web-site at www.doggonetreats.com to see what Becky can do for your company.” 

Diane Bennett, Owner, Doggone Gourmet Treats

"Becky is an innovative, self-starter, who rarely needs supervision. She is punctual and typically exceeds expectations. For example, we received a critical deadline from one of our customers for a series of S-Ox 404 related user documentation. Becky not only made the tight deadline, but beat it; yet she still produced a stellar, technically-accurate addendum for the standard document process. Becky is an invaluable asset to any technical department, and I highly recommend hiring her."

Chuck Hill, DBA Team Leader, PD/Mgt. Systems, Ford Motor Company

“Becky...thank you so much for sharing your knowledge about the internet and what it can do for my business. I had no idea. I am thankful to know that I am able to call on you whenever I may have a question! If you haven't been to one of Becky's social media classes...I'd highly recommend it!!"

Julie Burger, Licensed Massage Therapist, Julie Burger Massage Therapy

“Ms.Brooks is knowledgeable of many computer applications and manages her work well. She is a tenacious worker and takes pride in her work.”

Jeff Annesi, Quality Manager, SKF Corporation

Becky more than adequately met her goal of completion of the GMT 800 manual. She worked well with all team members and showed a tenacity of chasing down information that was at times short in coming, to say the least. Becky exhibited a willingness to “go the extra mile” on this project by at times taking it upon herself to make offsite visits to our Lear plants to acquire information that was critical to the project.”

Gary Rock, Engineering Manager, Lear Corporation

“Ms.Brooks provided the software configuration and testing areas with valuable assistance in developing our documentation process and formats for automated testing software.”

Henry Brown, Dynamometer Powertrain Calibration Supervisor, Ford Motor Company

“She was instrumental in developing specific procedural documents as well as in establishing clear pro formas which will form the basis for future documentation tasks. Not only personnel in the software development activity, but also members of other related organizations have complemented Becky on the quality and clarity of her work.”

T.J. Murphy, Section Supervisor, Methods, Development and Test Automation, Ford Motor Company

*For more Testimonials, please go Becky's Facebook business page or LinkedIn profile. The majority of the quotes on this page have originated from various letters of recommendation that Becky has received throughout her career. If you would like to view copies of them to gain a better understanding of the work Becky is capable of doing and her performance at each company, please contact her at 407.738.8445 and she will provide you with copies.

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